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Banking and financing issues are constantly rising in fast-paced financial markets like the UAE. Moreover, due to fierce competition, banking and financial services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of consumers. So, look no further than Lin International Debt Management consultants, whether you are an individual or a company in need of dependable legal services in the UAE.

Lin International Debt Management consultants can handle all common and uncommon legal issues for individuals and businesses. We specialize in various financial cases, such as loan negotiation and mediation, loan and overdue rescheduling, liquidation, debt settlement, cheque bounce, bankruptcy, and more.

Our legal teamhas years of experience serving clients in the country and worldwide and therefore understands the sensitive issues surrounding financial cases. Our clients include international and local firms, individuals, corporate borrowers, and other establishments. In addition, our experienced legal team regularly works on matters includingdebt restructuring, inter-creditor agreements,and other similar issues.

What to expect from Lin International Debt Management consultants?

For a quoted fee, our legal team will investigate your situation, examine the facts surrounding it, communicate on your behalf with the creditor, advise you on potential legal implications, and assist you in determining the best course of action to resolve the issue.

This service is for you if you are already in a debt collection procedure with your bank or finance company and require expert assistance and advice in debt settlement or consolidation.

So, we offer you the following:

After receiving all of your documents and briefs on the matter, the lawyer will contact you to discuss your situation and the next steps.

Based on your situation and the lawyer's experience handling similar cases, our attorney will communicate with your creditor on your behalf to investigate possible resolutions.

Answers and suggestions based on the outcome of your communication with your creditor. The lawyer will recommend possible solutions and their opinion on resolving the issue. The advice session can take the form of a phone call, in-person meeting, or online meeting.

Attorney-client privilege protects the information and documents you share with your lawyer.

Primary Services Our Legal Team Offers

For most people, we will provide the answers and guidance they require regarding possible debt consolidation or settlement options with UAE banks or finance companies. However, suppose your case necessitates additional work, such as having your lawyer attend meetings with your creditor, representing you in court, or assisting you in lifting a travel ban. In that case, you are welcome to speak with ourteam about consulting the best professionals who can handle all your needs.

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Here are some of the significant legal debt management services that we at Lin International Debt Management consultants offer:

We understand that debt problems can be mentally and physically exhausting for anyone caught up in them. So, our first step is to set up a one-on-one meeting with that person to assess his current financial situation.

It allows us to track all past-due and current payments on credit cards and personal loans—an individual sacrifices his needs to fulfil his debt obligations, which is ultimately futile.

We present you with a variety of proposals to relieve you of your debt burden. In addition, our debt consultants will assist you in developing strategies to help you gain control of your repayments.

Following an in-depth analysis of your entire financial burden, we will proceed to debt settlement. Again, our experts' negotiating skills and network can help our clients save significant money.

It is always critical for an individual to determine how much he can save and when he will be completely debt free. As a result, we negotiate on his behalf with his creditors and propose debt settlements in one of the following ways that suit him

LIDM experts negotiate with creditors on behalf of their clients to settle their credit cards based on the client's affordability:

  • Eliminating late fees and over-limit fees
  • Full and final settlement
  • Instalments at 0%
  • Instalments for up to four years at a reduced interest rate

Furthermore, depending on the client's suitability, we assist in settlement of personal loans in one of the following ways:

  • Complete and final settlement in a single transaction
  • 0% interest payments • No late fees or over-the-limit fees
  • LIDM also assists individuals who have left the UAE without repaying their debts. Although they are being offered new jobs, they refuse to take them because they are afraid of returning to face legal issues. So, we also negotiate on their behalf and settle their debt issues so they can resume their lives in the UAE!

Debt consolidation refers to combining multiple credit cards and unsecured loans into a single loan. LIDM assists individuals in consolidating multiple credit cards and loans into a single loan with a lower interest rate. As a result, rather than paying multiple creditors, they will pay only one, saving money and eventually becoming debt-free!

LIDM can also help you obtain various types of Personal Loans, such as salary transfer loans, PDC loans, business loans, and so on. Our experts will advise an individual on which financial product to choose based on their financial needs.

LIDM, a professionally managed company, has in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and extensive knowledge of the regulatory financial environment in the UAE. We have the expertise and skills to assist you with financing and funding through various financial intermediaries.

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We have worked with some of the biggest business clients known across the world and helped them with debt management in unbelievable ways. We have a team of highly professional and experienced members working tirelessly to bring the best debt management plans for you. Our full debt support services give you the complete flexibility to choose the services that you feel will suit your individual or business needs.

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