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Debt Management Services In Dubai, UAE.

Financial distress comes in many shapes and sizes, and no one service can address the needs of all costumers. That’s why LIN INTERNATIONAL DEBT MANAGEMENT offers a wide range of counseling services in order to address some of the most common and troubling issues that customers are facing today.

Small Business Debt Management

At Lin International, our debt management services are designed to simplify your debt repayment process. With lower monthly interest and debt consolidation, our debt management services for small businesses are about paying off your debt by restructuring your plan.

Our services are beneficial to you as they present you with benefits from your creditors, including lower interest rates or waived fees. With our services, you will not directly pay your creditors but make a single payment to our manager. Our debt management manager will then distribute this to your creditor.

At Lin International, we have helped many small businesses end their struggle with business loans or other financial issues. In addition, we have managed to help our businesses regain control of their finances with our debt management. With managed debt, you can finally stop stressing about paying your small group of employees. Apart from taking your case and helping you, we also make you knowledgeable and aware of tips to avoid debts that practically take over your life.

What Is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation in clear and simple terms is a way to pay off debts by consolidating them into a single payment program, Usually with the help of debt consolidation planners. You typically engage a company to negotiate a repayment scheme and make the payment to your creditors on time. There is no additional loan, merely the total amount of your accumulated loans being paid off.
The search for the right kind of credit consolidation program can take time and become confusing, but contacting these companies from home is convenient and easy. While there are a lot of referral firms online advertising debt consolidation plans, Best practice is to find trustworthy referral firms like LIN INTERNATIONAL DEBT MANAGEMENT.

Business Loan Consolidation

Our debt consolidation services are the best way to organise your finances and finally pay off your debt faster. As you pay your debt faster, you might also benefit from lower interest rates or other advantages.

We assign dedicated debt counsellors for your debt consolidation who will run you through debt consolidation options and assist you in choosing the right one. At Lin International, paying off your debt is faster because we have already done the negotiation part for you with all the major creditors, which means you have already skipped that step when you join us.

When you join our debt consolidation program, we only use our existing relationship with the creditors to help your business loan consolidation. With our services, you can avoid late and over-limit fees. Avoiding collection calls is one of the benefits that you won’t regret.


The ultimate key to debt management is to understand the financing of your organization. DEBT MANAGEMENT involves an analysis of all your finances, your expenses, and your income and revenue streams. Our financial consultants frame a clear method for your expenses and your expenses should never be higher than your income. With our help, you can understand the ways of managing your debt. Another important aspect of debt management service at LIN INTERNATIONAL DUBAI, UAE is that it allows you to increase your wealth using available debt management options. Our professional, skilled, specially trained financial consultants in Dubai offer personalized debt management consultancy service that helps you with your financial situation.

Free Debt Consultation For Businesses

Lin International offers a dedicated debt consultant for your business, where the consultant first works on getting an insight into your financial situation or stand. Next, we take a look at your assets and debts and then your profits, loss and expenses. After evaluation, we will develop various recommendations for your debt, all for free. 

If your business ever faces bankruptcy, we will ensure you are counselled for your life after bankruptcy. We also consult you in cases like debt reduction, debt settlement agreement, debt consolidation, debt management, etc.

While we provide education and information regarding the best solution to manage your debt, the end goal is to bring you a debt plan to reach your goals.


Debt counseling also known as debt remedy is the best way to protect your assets, unlock cash, and prepare you for a financially healthy life after debt. Debt counseling agencies not only provide their clients with wise advice but also negotiate with creditors on their behalf, in order to work out a reasonable payment plan and thereby help you to come out of the debt web. When should one take debt counseling? When the situation is beyond your ability to cope up with the debts, then such situations can be overcome by approaching a debt counseling agency.

Loan Restructuring for Small & Medium Enterprises

With Lin International, you get all the help in one as you look for loan restructuring services for your Small Medium enterprises. We work with various advisors and major creditors and their  egal representatives to help with successful restructuring for you. Our loan restructuring services involve assigning a team for your dedicated transaction management, execution, and everything required so the project can begin without delay. Our legal counsels and advisory services involve the process of analysing the financial requirements of businesses along with debt restructuring. Among our many services is achieving financial security through assistance in implementing legal solutions. We help businesses with adjustment plans that help them in economic conditions and market situations. While analysing your debt which requires restructuring, we also analyse the legal implications for debtors and creditors. With active participation in negotiating agreement proposals, we make sure the process completion is fast.

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring is a process used by companies to avoid the risk of default on existing debt and to take advantage of lower available interest rates.

How does debt restructuring work?

The debt restructuring process is carried out by lowering/reducing interest rates on loans, by extending the dates when the company’s liabilities are due to be paid.

This step improves the firm’s chances of paying back the obligations. Creditors understand that they could receive even less, should the company be forced into bankruptcy/or liquidation.

Restructuring debt can be a win-win for both entities.

The business avoids bankruptcy and the lenders receive more than what they would through bankruptcy proceedings.

We at Lin International Debt Management will provide you with an action plan to restructure your entire debt. This includes the settlement of credit cards, converting high-interest loans into lower interest rates, reduction of the outstanding balance, lower monthly payments and resolve the delinquency.

Debt Advisory and Restructuring

Our debt advisory services are a seamless and innovative process to advise you on various funding options like initial feasibility, terms and conditions, structuring, management, etc. Some of our services include financial analysis, financial resources assessment, refinancing, interest rate hedging, etc.

Our debt advisory team offers expertise in the whole spectrum of debt markets, including banking, capital markets, securitisation, and many more. If your business requires additional funding for strategies or operations or is experiencing a poor credit rating, the Lin International team can help you.

At Lin International, we offer strategic assessment, finance restructuring, opportunity analysis, cost reduction, taxation risk, capital expenditure, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Legal Advice​

Let LIDM lawyer help you to consolidate and settle your debts to UAE banks or finance companies. Our legal advisor will communicate on your behalf with the creditor and advise you on the best possible solution to resolve the debt collection conflict.
How Legal advice works.?
For a fixed price, the lawyer you hire will look into your situation, examine the facts relating to it, communicate on your behalf with the creditor, advise you on possible legal implications and will find you the best course of action to sort out the issue.

How Legal advice works.?

For a fixed price, the lawyer you hire will look into your situation, examine the facts relating to it, communicate on your behalf with the creditor, advise you on possible legal implications and will find you the best course of action to sort out the issue.

What’s included:

  • Introduction call
  • Communication with the creditor
  • Legal advice session based on communication with the creditor.

The information and document you shared with us are purely confidential.
For most people, this service will provide the answers and guidance they need regarding possible ways of consolidation or settlements of their debts with UAE banks or finance companies.

Debt Restructuring Advisory

Our debt restructuring services involve negotiating your case on your behalf. We specialise in negotiating the renewal of existing or additional facilities with your funding partners. We review your debt structures and advise possible restructuring plans. Our services will also help you identify and assess various sources of funding.

We prepare a customised strategy proposal for you, following which our team works with you to negotiate facilities. Our team will be with you throughout the process until completion. With us, you get expert advice and help from bankers, advisors, financiers, etc. We are always a suitable solution when you and your creditor have reached a strained stage, and a mediator is necessary to further the processes.

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We have worked with some of the biggest business clients known across the world and helped them with debt management in unbelievable ways. We have a team of highly professional and experienced members working tirelessly to bring the best debt management plans for you. Our full debt support services give you the complete flexibility to choose the services that you feel will suit your individual or business needs.

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