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    Don't Let Your Home Loan Settlement Define Your Lifestyle. Get Smart Solutions Regarding Your Debt Management.

    It is not uncommon for a borrower to hit a roadblock in paying off their mortgage debt. The issue arises when you face excessive debts due to overspending, job loss, salary cut, medical reasons and other such unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, resolving debts can be difficult and many customers skip their payments and even resort to fleeing the country.

    If you are facing such a situation, know that there is help available in the form of Debt Restructuring & Debt Settlement.

    How does Lin International Debt Management Help?

    Lin International Debt Management brings comprehensive solutions to you where you take a smart route to your Home Loan Settlement in UAE. We help you to structure the best possible solution with banks without resorting to any legal procedure. We assist in closing or moderating the mortgage liability by offering remedial measures such as settlement or restructure, which would be a win-win for the borrower and the bank.

    With us, you can avoid:

    • Messy settlement plans
    • Legal complications
    • Long settlement process

    Who Can Use Our Services?

    Our services are for any borrower who is;

    Facing unfortunate circumstances

    A job loss is a nightmare, and so is being forced to the random fleeing country. In such cases, Lin International Debt Management will take care of your property. We assess the value, look for suitable buyers, and work with your bank for the settlement.

    Facing High Debt Burden Ratio

    Lin International Debt Management takes a closer look at your financial situation. If your Debt Burden Ratio (DBR) is higher than 50%, then we analyze your financial status and provide a re-aging or restructure plan.

    Facing the burden of delayed projects

    Sometimes, you may face problems not because of you but because of the projects you invest in. If you are facing the burden of delayed property, we will engage with the developer and provided an end to end solution for you.

    Services Specifically Designed
    For Businesses

    Settlement Plans

    Our Settlement Plans help you settle your home loan liability without the involvement of any legal procedure. Apart from assisting in structuring a solution, we also help you with our market analysis in terms of your property, find buyers and negotiate your settlement on your behalf.

    Debt Restructuring

    Our Debt Restructuring services help you with a structure that is better suited for the income you have. We do so by analyzing and evaluating your financial case in-depth. Overall, we make your loan repayment very affordable.

    Delayed Projects Settlement

    Let us get in touch with the developer. We discuss with the developer and get an update on the project status. We work out options like a refund or swap with the developer. Thereafter, we negotiate with the bank and create an ideal settlement plan to foreclose the loan

    There Are Many Ways To Manage Your Debt. Find Out What Our Debt Management Plan Gives You!

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    Our Client's

    We have worked with some of the biggest business clients known across the world and helped them with debt management in unbelievable ways. We have a team of highly professional and experienced members working tirelessly to bring the best debt management plans for you. Our full debt support services give you the complete flexibility to choose the services that you feel will suit your individual or business needs.

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